How to fit a G-funk handlebar strap deck system.

16 04 2020

I made a video to explain how to mount a G-funk bar clamp set up on your bike.


Hopefully, it is all pretty straightforward. There are a couple of important points

  • Make sure the bolt threads into the cross dowel nut easily. If it doesn’t, adjust the cross dowel until it does.
  • The nylon washers are spacers, you don’t have to use them all. If you mount the Strap Deck facing down (the ideal set up) then you may need them to clear your stems face plate bolts.
  • The nylon washers need treated with care – they are very light and work really well for the intended purpose, but don’t treat them rough!
  • The whole system needs very little torque to set. Less than 2nM – best advice is to snug the bolts up just until you feel them bite a little, then check for rotation. If it moves, snug it a wee bit more and repeat as neccessary.
  • The bolts are button heads so the head does not rub on whatever you mount on the Deck. That means the hex key engagement  is shallow – use a good quality 3mm hex key and make sure it is fully engaged.
  • Consider using purple (222) or blue (243) Loctite on the bolts where they meet the cross dowel.
  • The intended use of the G-funk set up is ‘ultralight’ bikepacking and for extended rides. As such, the weight limit is 1.7kg. Ideally, I would suggest less: *any* weight on the bars is detrimental to steering. If you need to haul winter-ready gear or heavyweight items such as Alpacka rafts, this is not the right bit of kit.
  • I recommend using Voile Straps, as the rubbery material adds to the traction on the bag. The stretch is excellent at absorbing shock, too. The slots of Strap Decks are sized for normal Voile Straps,. but nano also work. You can use webbing straps or even velcro of course.
  • Bottle cage spacing is nominally 64mm and the Strap Deck has oval holes to allow some fudge factor. That means you could use the G-funk clamps to mount a bottle cage under your bars as long as your stem is no wider than ~52mm.

Questions? add as a comment and I will get back to you!



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